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Be found in Google, Yahoo and Bing!

Traffic Booster is the ultimate all-in-one SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tool designed specifically to make getting your website listed and promoted within search engine rankings simple, quick and easy.

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Traffic Booster - be found in Google, Yahoo and Bing!

How Traffic Booster works

Traffic Booster time-consuming work for you
Submit your site

Traffic Booster does the boring, time-consuming work of submission and resubmission for you. Booster live updates will continue to add new search engines and directories, all these updates are free and are applied automatically to your account.

Traffic Booster optimization
Optimise your site

Traffic Booster helps you optimise aspects of your site that search engines use to determine where to place your site in their listings. Booster provides you with step-by-step wizards and suggestions to obtain the best results.

Beat your competitors with better SEO

Traffic Booster also provides powerful tools to help you manage and achieve the best search results.

  • Monthly submission

    Submit and resubmit your site to 80+ search engines and directories. Monthly updates keep your web site finely tuned in search engines.

  • Search engine reports

    Traffic Booster uses real-time search engine data and analysis tools to report on your web site's performance. Compare your results with competitors.

  • Automatic updates

    Receive LIVE updates, including new Search Engines and Directories, and also updated tools for the best Search Engine Optimisation procedures.

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