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Where Are My eShop Settings

The Store Manager within your eShop Builder lets you customise the different Settings in your eShop. Access the eShop Builder and learn how to locate the different Settings by following these instructions:

  1. Click Sign Up / Log In at the top of this page.
  2. Select Website Builder from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter your username and password, then click Log In. You will be redirected to your eShop Builder editor.
  4. From the top menu, click Home and select Online Shop from the drop-down list.
  5. Click on the Advanced tab from the left-side menu.
  6. Drag and drop the Online Store widget onto a placeholder on your page, below the Header Area. The Edit: Online Store pop-up box will automatically appear.

    Note: If you've already added the Online Store widget to your page, simply hover your mouse pointer over the added widget on your page, then click the Gear Icon or Edit settings option to access the Edit: Online Store pop-up box.

  7. Click on the Manage Store button from the pop-up box.
  8. Hover your mouse pointer over the Settings option on the left-side menu, then click on the specific setting you would like to configure. Refer to the table below for details corresponding to each available setting:
    General These are your store's General Settings. You can access and edit the following options here:

    • Store Profile - Edit your store's Name, Location, and Time Zone, as well as your Company Name, Email, Address, and Phone Number. A one-click Setup Wizard is also available for you to quickly launch your store.
    • Regional Settings - Set up your store's default Currency, Weight & Size units, Storefront Language, and Date & Time display formats.
    • Cart & Checkout - Manage your Catalog & Checkout Settings, set your Sale price format, Order Comments, and E-goods, Favorites, Order ID, and Related Products options.
    • Legal Pages - Enable/disable specific Legal Pages to show on your eShop.
    • Tracking & Analytics - Link your Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel accounts to your eShop.
    Taxes Set up the way Taxes are calculated in your store using the following options:

    • Automatic - Click the Upgrade to get Automatic Taxes button if you want your store to automatically charge a proper tax rate at Checkout, according to country and regional tax regulations.
    • Manual - Click the Manage Tax Rates button if you want to manually configure taxes depending on destination and products sold, and for you to fully control all the tax-related calculations.

      Note: There are extended Tools located at the bottom of the screen, which will allow you to Manage Tax-Exempt Customers and Edit Order Invoices. Simply click on their corresponding buttons to proceed.

    Mail Customise your store's Email Notifications, which are automatically sent to you and your customers, and configure the email addresses to use for sending them out and receiving responses.

    You can Enable/Disable the specific notifications to use, Preview them, and Send test emails. An option to set your email notification Logo is also available at the bottom of the page.
    Invoice Customise your Invoices by changing the Invoice Logo, Setting your Tax ID, and Editing the Invoice Template. Click the Print invoice sample link to preview your customised Invoice.

    Links to different apps are also available at the bottom of the page, to help you create your store's Invoice.
    Customer Groups This feature enables categorisation and grouping of your customers, since all users are assigned to the "General" group by default.
    Product Types Set up your Product Types to group your products according to common attributes.
    Edit Store Labels Edit text Labels in your store to reflect your unique style and brand. Simply click the Add Custom Label button, search for Labels you want to customise, then edit text/value in the fields provided.

Congratulations! You just learned everything you need to know about your eShop Settings.

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