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Mounting volumes from a backup in Cloud Backup 120 liked

When disk-level backups are mounted into volumes, you can access the volumes as though accessing physical disks.

Operations with backup plans in Cloud Backup 120 liked

After creating a backup plan, you can edit the plan parameters, revoke or cancel the created plan, or delete it entirely.

Deleting backups in Cloud Backup 127 liked

There are two methods you can use in deleting backups through the Cloud Backup Console. Simply follow the guides here.

Pre/Post data capture commands in Cloud Backup 127 liked

This Cloud Backup option enables you to define the commands that will be automatically executed before and after data capture.

Encryption in Cloud Backup 148 liked

In Cloud Storage data backups, we recommend you encrypt all backups, especially for companies subject to regulatory compliance.

Proxy server settings for Cloud Backup 156 liked

Use these steps to specify the proxy server settings before the Cloud Backup Agent is installed, or to change them later on.

How to select a recovery point by using the Backups tab in Cloud Backup 211 liked

Backups of all the machines ever registered under a certain account are shown in the BACKUPS tab.