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List of server Apache Handlers

By default, the server instructs necessary action performed on all website files. However, some files require specific instruction not limited thereto. Fortunately, Apache Handler – an internal Apache representation instructs the server how certain file types are handled – can meet this demand.

Apache Handler can be included in the server, module or action directive. Here's a list of built-in handlers for your reference:

default-handler Default handler for static content.
send-as-is Send file with HTTP headers just the same.
cgi-script Consider files as CGI script.
imap-file Imagemap file.
server-info Retrieves configuration information of the server.
server-status Retrieves status report of the server.
type-map Type map file.

Congratulations! You just learned about built-in Apache Handlers.

Important Note: This principle applies to Linux Hosting only.

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