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Getting started guide: Fax to Email

When you register your Fax to Email plan you gain the ability to send and receive faxes by email on the local fax number you have selected. This guide shows you how to get started.

Table of Contents

  1. Sending fax by email
  2. What files are supported when sending a fax?
  3. Receiving fax by email
  4. Fax Credit & Rates

Sending fax by email

You can send faxes using any email software. Simply send to, replacing FaxNumber with the fax number you are sending to. All emails sent to this address will automatically be faxed to the fax number given.

For example:

You want to send a fax to +61 02 8211 5111

You will send an email to

You can send to multiple faxes the same way you would send to multiple emails. Only permitted email accounts can send faxes, so be sure to check your fax setting in your Account Manager if you wish to send from multiple emails.

If the fax machine you are sending to doesn't answer or is busy, then our servers will re-try every 10-15 minutes a further 2 times (for a total of 3 attempts). This means a notification of failure may take up to 1 hour to be sent to you.

What files are supported when sending a fax?

No email content will be faxed, only attachments (in the order they are attached). So you can optionally attach a document file you wish to send. We recommend using PDF documents.

Receiving fax by email

Any faxes sent to your fax number will be received on your registered email account. You can have multiple email accounts receiving the same fax copy. By default, when you purchase your Fax to Email plan, the registered email within your member account will be set to receive and send faxes. To add additional emails see the guide below.

Fax Credit & Rates

You will only be charged for sending faxes, not receiving. These fax rates depend on the plan and the destination you select. Fax rates can be viewed within your Account Manager.

Other Fax to Email related options

There are many options and configuration settings related to your Fax to Email service, learn more from the links below.

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