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How to choose a good domain?

A strong domain name is the key to your Internet presence. It should be recognisable and relate to your business name, brand, product, and/or activities. Make sure it fits on a business card and is easy to remember whether seen in print or mentioned over the phone.

Australia domain registration


To own a or you must be an Australian registered company, or business with a registered business number. The domain name you order should have a solid relationship to the business it represents.

For example:


To qualify for these domains your organisation must be a "non-commercial organisation". The domain name you register should have a solid relationship to the organisation it represents.

For example:


Especially designed for businesses, franchises or individuals wanting a more location-specific geographical domain name to represent them or their brand.

For example:

Country domain names

Register domain names for more than 240 countries and geographical locations, with over 253 ccTLD extensions

What are country domain names?

Country domains, also known as ccTLDs ( Country Code Top Level Domains), are domains designated to each country. These domains are very popular for businesses and for protecting intellectual property, even if you don't market to the specific countries.

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New generic Top Level Domains

Generic Domains

If your desired .com domain is already registered you can now take advantage of the many new domain suffixes. They can help improve marketing, branding and awareness. Stand out by choosing a unique domain name so your customers can easily recognize and remember your site, products and services.

Get a unique, targeted and memorable domain name that will become a part of your business identity. Small businesses now have the opportunity to acquire a relevant domain suffix that can focus on their industry or location.

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