Brand Protection

We help protect your digital brand

Our services can help you protect your online trademarks, brand reputation and customers.

Aust Domains' corporate domain services offer you a full domain name and gTLD strategy, providing an analysis of all the online threats affecting a specific brand within geographical locations.

With so many domain types and new TLDs now open to the world, online brand protection has become a huge concern for many online and retail businesses.

Get direct access to Trademark Clearinghouses and other resources, including Sunrise periods, where you can register domains not yet available, and be assured Aust Domains will help you protect your online assets.

Domain acquisition & recovery

We help secure those domain names that have the most relevance to your brand.

Domain acquisitions

Our expert Account Managers are here to help you through the process of domain acquisitions. From the first anonymous outreach through to negotiation and payment, you’ll have an expert on your side.

Domain recovery

We can help you if a domain name is infringing on your brand’s trademark, with Uniform Domain Name Dispute-Resolution (UDRP) and Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) procedures, as well as litigation support via our legal channels.

Domain sales

Make sure you get the best price for your domain name. Our appraisal and valuation services will help you achieve the best results during the sales process.

Domain backorder services

If you don’t want to pay a premium for a domain name that’s taken, you don’t have to.

Every day an estimated 400,000 domain names expire when their owners don't renew their registration.

Aust Domains' advanced backorder service continually monitors and tracks your domain name tracks and registers it the moment it becomes available. In recent years, our backorder service has successfully registered hundreds of domain names for customers.

Let us get your name for you. Start using our backorder service today. Just enter a domain name below to search and backorder.

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